My VISION is Data Freedom.

I aim to create an ecosystem where users can access ANY data, across ANY service, using ANY method, in ANY language.

If our visions align in some part, feel free to get in touch so we can collaborate.

  • I'm an ASF Member, Apache OpenDAL PMC Chair, and a mentor at the Apache Incubator. If you have projects that align with my vision and are interested in bringing them to the Apache Incubator, please contact me.
  • I actively contribute to many Rust projects. If you're interested in learning Rust and joining the RBIR journey, please contact me.
  • I'm a believer of open source. If you're developing one that aligns with my vision, please contact me; I'm willing to offer some help.
  • Last but not least: I'm not a native English speaker and am currently practicing my English. If you're interested in having an English conversation with me, I would really appreciate it. Please contact me.

Let's rock!